Focus Groups

Focus groups are a useful qualitative market research technique for sharing and comparing views among respondents.

A group usually involves between six to eight people.

The conversation is structured around a discussion document and stimulus materials and is designed to allow spontaneous opinions and attitudes to surface naturally as part of a conversation.

Groups generally can last around one and a half  hours with respondents recruited according to specific criteria.

We provide experienced and skilled moderators whose job to is to facilitate the discussion keeping it on subject, by encouraging all respondents to contribute their ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

  • We can arrange a venue.
  • Recruit candidates.
  • Facilitate the group
  • Film / audio tape.
Hall Testing  

Hall tests are often used for;

New product testing or giving feedback on design concepts - packaging, branding, and marketing depending on what is required.

We work very closely with our clients.

We can arrange test venues within towns or cities to suit your needs.

Screen participants (so we find the types of people you want)
Recruit passers by from the street. ​
Interview and host on the day.
Test one or more products or concepts.
Get a medium to large sample in a short controlled period pf time.

  • This is a valuable way to get real people's opinions.