Telephone Research 

Telephone interviews are the most convenient and cost saving.

Numerous respondents can be reached when time is of the essence, allowing for quick data return.

Skilled interviewers.
 Tailored questions.

Specifically designed to elicit a Yes or No response to get the results you are looking for.

Making this the perfect solution when trying to do large volume on a limited budget. 

Mystery Shopping 

Knowing what your client wants and thinks of your products and services are paramount to a successful business.

Mystery shoppers are trained Market Researchers who gather information on your behalf. Reporting back on their in store experience, treatment by staff as well as collecting essential data.
Criteria set by you and based on the dynamics specific to your business.
Whether you own a Pub, Shop,or Bank our trained shoppers blend into the crowd to get your results.

Mystery Shopping can help your business grow, discover weaknesses or help it maintain the level of excellence you work so hard for.